Snow Wonder!

Some videos and photos from this morning in the Sunshine State’s Capital City. Tallahassee Snow 2018 from Cheapstrat on Vimeo.

I’m a consumer, not a philanthropist

I understand it when a business uses a free online service like Weebly to make their website instead of hiring a web developer; it’s easy, cheap, and you don’t have to leave your house or interact with anybody else, which are the reasons that Amazon seems to get more and more of my non-food shopping […]

Beech Trees

Scenes from an afternoon walk at A.J. Henry Park, which is full of American beech trees. Beech Trees from Cheapstrat on Vimeo.

Valentine’s Day at McCord Park

Winter and spring are particularly good times to visit Guyte B. McCord Park in Tallahassee. Japanese magnolias, camellias, narcissus, azaleas native and otherwise, and Formosa cherry trees are in bloom. I took lots of photos, some of which are in the video, and took a couple of 360°-view photos with Google Street View. McCord Park […]

A Walk in the Park

Camellias in bloom at Dorothy Oven Park in Tallahassee with improvisation on a double-tracked Epiphone Casino.


Pottery: I Dug Living In Killearn Lakes

Until 1994 there was a dirt/clay road in what was then undeveloped woods in Killearn Lakes. The road sloped down to a lake. After every rain some of the clay was washed away, and we found many types of pottery and ceramics there. I found a good resource for information on this stuff, Introduction to […]


Before the Frost: Maclay Gardens January 5 2017

I don’t like YouTube’s practice of not letting the user view an HD video if YouTube deems the user’s bandwidth insufficient, so I’ve started using Vimeo again. It’s not a big deal if it’s a video of me playing guitar, but nature photography should be shown at HD. I also like the fact that I […]

Mushrooms In Maclay Gardens

A few rainy days produced perfect conditions for mushrooms last week at Maclay Gardens on the Big Pine Trail by the Lake Hall boat landing.

Clematis in sunshine

Late April Flowers

Mermaid rose, chestnut rose, and clematis are in bloom now. The photos were taken with an iPhone 6, cropped, then exported at maximum quality at 1000 pixels wide.

Pond, iris, Japanese magnolia

April In Maclay Gardens

The azaleas and camellias are past their peak, but there’s still lots to see at Maclay Gardens. The first thing to check out is the Native Plant Arboretum that’s maintained by the Magnolia Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society. Piedmont azaleas, Florida flame azaleas, Eastern red columbine, white wild indigo, English dogwood, and Florida […]

Veggie Song Earworm And Spring Tomatoes

Just got back from Tallahassee Nurseries with tomato and pepper plants. While researching the origin of the tomatoes, I realized that for the past two days I’ve had a veggie song earworm going round and round in my head. Vegetables were calling to me…are sure enough, when I arrived at Tallahassee Nurseries this morning they […]

Brinkley Glen Park

Brinkley Glen Park iPhoto Journal

A few days ago I made my first visit to Brinkley Glen Park. Like A.J. Henry Park, it’s got a steephead ravine. Meginnis Creek runs through the ravine. Elevation is between 150-200 feet above sea level. I took lots of photos and used some for this Brinkley Glen iPhoto Journal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough […]

Maclay Gardens Web Journal

Web Journal: Maclay Gardens 20.1.2015

Maclay Gardens is one of my favorite lunch spots; not to each lunch (food and drink and pets are prohibited in the gardens), but to walk around for an hour or so while taking hundreds of photos. The photos in this Maclay Gardens 20.1.2015 iPhoto Web Journal were all taken with an iPhone 6, but […]

Viola blanda

An Early Visitor On New Year’s Day

There’s an early-blooming Viola blanda next to the front porch under a camellia. I can’t remember seeing one in bloom as early as this before. A couple of years ago a purple violet bloomed just before Valentine’s Day. This is a descendent of some that we found at the former Kinhega Plantation over twenty years […]

Pink and white camellia and raindrops

Sunday morning, winter solstice

After shopping for spring bulbs and Christmas gifts at Tallahassee Nurseries, I stopped at Oven Park to take some pictures. Nothing like some pretty flowers to make one temporarily forget about this gloomy weather.


Remnants of LAC-CAL

In 1905, a Chicago entrepreneur bought land in Leon County for a quail hunting plantation. In 1906 that plantation was built which he named LAC-CAL, after the initials of his six children. This was sold to Alfred Maclay in 1923 and eventually became what is now known as Maclay Gardens. Near the entrance to the […]

Scarecrow Contest at Maclay Gardens

On a beautiful autumn day in Tallahassee, we were lucky to pay a visit to Maclay Gardens on a day when we were able to view the scarecrows in the scarecrow contest. It was a great opportunity to take a lot of pictures with my new iPhone 6. There’s no more iPhoto app if you’ve […]