Nandina and Coral Ardisia

These plants are pretty but invasive, and in this part of Brinkley Glen Park there’s not much native vegetation visible.

A Trillium Gallery

The scapes and bracts have especially beautiful color variations this year.

Spring Blooms in February

It was a splendid day at Guyte P. McCord Park last Saturday. Pretty colors with the fragrance of narcissus and saucer magnolia next to a busy road.

Holy Beech Tree and Trilliums

It’s a particularly good year for trilliums in Tallahassee. In some places the ground is a mixed carpet of trillium and bloodwort. We’ve had better rainfall than the previous year, and I think the City of Tallahassee’s efforts to control invasive non-native plants like coral ardisia is making a difference. This video was created on […]

Snow Wonder!

Some videos and photos from this morning in the Sunshine State’s Capital City. Tallahassee Snow 2018 from Cheapstrat on Vimeo.

Beech Trees

Scenes from an afternoon walk at A.J. Henry Park, which is full of American beech trees. Beech Trees from Cheapstrat on Vimeo.

June Morning Long Pond

I saw these birds while on an early morning biscuit mission.its nice to see a few wood storks there. The music is something from back when I was using Cakewalk on a Windoze machine.

Valentine’s Day at McCord Park

Winter and spring are particularly good times to visit Guyte B. McCord Park in Tallahassee. Japanese magnolias, camellias, narcissus, azaleas native and otherwise, and Formosa cherry trees are in bloom. I took lots of photos, some of which are in the video, and took a couple of 360°-view photos with Google Street View. McCord Park […]

After the storm: Maclay Gardens January 24, 2016

Last weekend Tallahassee was hit by a storm system with 70 mph winds that knocked down trees and caused 24,000 households to lose power. Here are two videos from yesterday’s post-storm walk at Maclay Gardens. The version on Vimeo has music that’s one of the default choices for Apple Photos; the one on YouTube has […]

A Walk in the Park

Camellias in bloom at Dorothy Oven Park in Tallahassee with improvisation on a double-tracked Epiphone Casino.


Before the Frost: Maclay Gardens January 5 2017

I don’t like YouTube’s practice of not letting the user view an HD video if YouTube deems the user’s bandwidth insufficient, so I’ve started using Vimeo again. It’s not a big deal if it’s a video of me playing guitar, but nature photography should be shown at HD. I also like the fact that I […]

Native Plants

Native Plants at Maclay Gardens

The Native Plant Arboretum is the place to be at Maclay Gardens in the late summer. Flyr’s Nemesis (Brickellia cordifolia) is an endangered flowering plant in the daisy family. Firebush (Hamelia patens) is a shrub in the coffee family. Giant Ironweed (Vernonia gigantea) is a member of the sunflower family. Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea is […]

Birds and Bees and Butterflies

An assortment of iPhone videos taken in Tallahassee and Denver. The music is a looped classical guitar riff with bass, percussion, and three guitar overdubs.

Mound 2

Top of the Mound

A 360 view of the top of the biggest mound at Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park. And here’s the bottom of the mound with Mitch. (The signs say “All pets must be on leash”, but Mitch isn’t a pet; he’s a feral dog that lives with us, adopted from the wilds of Gadsden County.)


In calcined courtyards the lilac bushes burst into dim flame

When Harold Nicolson visited Nuremberg to write about the Nuremberg trials he observed the intense destruction from Allied bombing and the Battle of Nuremberg. The gardener and poet in him noticed this example of Mother Nature and Planet Earth doing a mutual shoulder-shrug at the madness of men. “Houses tumble, bridges collapse…but the trees are […]

Late Spring Flowers

Mountain laurels and wildflowers in bloom at Maclay Gardens now, and I had a chance to take some photos before it rained today. The wildflowers are in the Maclay Gardens State Park Native Plant Arboretum, maintained by the Magnolia Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society.

Testing Flexbox

Using Modern CSS to Build a Responsive Image Grid is an excellent Sitepoint article by George Martsoukos. It’s been a busy week, but I was able to do a quick test with this Responsive Flexbox Test page. Let’s see how it looks inserted in an iframeon this page:

Camellias In The Mist

It was a misty morning at Oven Park today, and I was the only person there; very peaceful. With the absence of frost the camellias are spectacular.