Balthazar's Moment

Baroque Christmas Playlist

At some point in one’s life the endless repetition of pop music carols can induce a queasy feeling, as it seems to be tied-in to the faux merriment of desperate retailers assaulting all potential marks with their offerings. Better to Visit family and friends Shop local Listen to good music

James Baldwin On The Creative Process

“Perhaps the primary distinction of the artist is that he must actively cultivate that state which most men, necessarily, must avoid; the state of being alone.”James Baldwin, On The Creative Process

Big Mushroom

Big Mushroom In My Yard

Despite the drought here in Tallahassee, this mushroom has been growing in the front yard for over a month. The video features Prisma-filtered mushrooms and some original music. Three different Photos for macOS slideshows were put together in iMovie, then I added the music. The guitars are a 1974 Stratocaster and a Squire Jagmaster.

McVitie's Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

Getting Ready For A Beatles Weekend With The Cookie Yoko Took From George

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years is on Hulu tomorrow, and I’ve been pondering the proper Gear & Fab snack foods to accompany this televisual feast. Curries and vegetarian food would be more appropriate for the post-touring years, and a Cavern meal of beans on toast with Coke is not to […]

Fire! Fire!

Smoke on the Water – the Grill That’s On the Pool Deck

Some essential music for the barbecue chef, featuring tunes by the Dead, Andre Williams, Bud Powell, Billie Holliday, Cab Calloway, Barbecue Bob, Louis Armstrong, ZZ Top, Blind Boy Fuller, Brother Jack McDuff, Kenny Burrell, The Soul Runners, Frank Zappa, The Chambers Brothers, Hank Williams Jr., The J.B.s, Charlie Parker, Little Feat, The Monkees, The Coasters, […]

Max Reger to a music critic

“I have your review before me. In a moment it will be behind me!”” Max Reger to Rudolf Louis, music critic for Münchener Neueste Nachrichten

Questions Frequently Asked

I got this great picture from a friend who’s a fine musician/writer/artist, and I found the guitar imagery to be inspiring.



Aurora is a modified blues. Some Gibson Dove arpeggios and a Strat solo with GarageBand drums and a Musicmaster bass. The video background is a screen capture of iTunes Visualizer. Unusually for me these days, this was a first-take solo with no edits. There’s a nice bit of video vérité when a reminder to give […]

Cheapstrat’s CheapChristmas Playlist

Cheapstrat’s CheapChristmas Playlist

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! “Garry crimble to youGarry mimble to youGetty bable, dear ChristmasHappy birthday me too”John Lennon

Oven Park Camellias and Silent Night

Like a holy infant snoozing away in a state of heavenly peace, the weather in Tallahassee this winter has been tender and mild. This slideshow features photos taken at Oven Park on December 11. The music is Silent Night with an arrangement in the style of Booker T and the MGs.

Moby Grape and Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape: Two Fine Three-Guitar Bands

I know Neil Young doesn’t care for Apple Music, but I’m happy that Apple Music lets me enjoy the work he did putting together the Buffalo Springfield box set. One of the revelations was the rocking version of Neighbor Don’t You Worry, as I’d only heard the acoustic version before. I like the song and […]

GarageBand screenshot


A rainy day, and a good day to clean the sewing room or the music room. I don’t have loads of buttons and fabric but lots of demos, scraps, and other stuff on the hard drive. I’ve sent these upward to The Cloud so this selection of cover tunes from the past and present exists […]

GarageBand screenshot

Red Elephant Blues

Here’s a tune that I’d forgotten about until it randomly played on iTunes, Red Elephant Blues. It was inspired by the episode of The Simpsons featuring dancing Homer cavorting to Baby Elephant Walk…it slowly dawned on me that this Henry Mancini classic was a blues tune. But the elephant is the symbol of the GOP, […]