Snow Wonder!

Some videos and photos from this morning in the Sunshine State’s Capital City. Tallahassee Snow 2018 from Cheapstrat on Vimeo.

Beech Trees

Scenes from an afternoon walk at A.J. Henry Park, which is full of American beech trees. Beech Trees from Cheapstrat on Vimeo.

Mound 2

Top of the Mound

A 360 view of the top of the biggest mound at Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park. And here’s the bottom of the mound with Mitch. (The signs say “All pets must be on leash”, but Mitch isn’t a pet; he’s a feral dog that lives with us, adopted from the wilds of Gadsden County.)

Camellias In The Mist

It was a misty morning at Oven Park today, and I was the only person there; very peaceful. With the absence of frost the camellias are spectacular.


My Google Street Views

I love the Google Street View app for iOS, but I hate the fact that you can’t view these links on iOS in browser or Google Maps. For those on desktop or laptop, here are some Photo Spheres of places I like to walk the dogs. AJ Henry Park Down by the creek on the […]

Pond, iris, Japanese magnolia

April In Maclay Gardens

The azaleas and camellias are past their peak, but there’s still lots to see at Maclay Gardens. The first thing to check out is the Native Plant Arboretum that’s maintained by the Magnolia Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society. Piedmont azaleas, Florida flame azaleas, Eastern red columbine, white wild indigo, English dogwood, and Florida […]

North Florida Winter

North Florida Winter

While reviewing and sorting my iPhoto library, I selected some photos for this slideshow. The music is a couple of acoustic guitars, classical guitar, bass, and Strat, with some additional GarageBand instruments. The photos are from Maclay Gardens, Lake Overstreet, and A.J. Henry Park. It’s interesting to note that with only iPhoto running, rendering this […]

Midyette-Moore Christmas Carols cover

Relics From A Piano Bench

Among the items found in the bench of a piano purchased at an estate sales several years ago, I found three pamphlets of Christmas carols printed by Tallahassee businesses in the mid-1950s. Like the other music books in the bench, the Christmas carols are in remarkably good shape. Two of these pamphlets are from the […]

Apple Map View of Orchard Pond Organics

Fresh From Florida Beef

In today’s Gainesville Sun article Amid national beef shortage, Florida cattle industry looks strong, I was happy to see that according to Jim Handley, executive vice president of the Florida Cattleman’s Association, “demand for local and grass-fed beef is leading to expanded operations for finished cattle, a small but growing sector of the Florida cattle […]